This is our first blog post since our site got wiped out back in March. I was so overwhelmed with everything, I really didn’t want to start blogging again. Then my inbox got full with requests on certain things, so I decided I would take it slow and give the people what they want.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it’s a bittersweet month for me. My grandmother died when I was just about 4.5 years old. It was her second bout with the illness. No one knew she had it until the last stages; she kept it a secret. She underwent a partial mastectomy and chemotherapy. A few months later she got a full mastectomy on the other breast. I watched her lose her hair, I watched her keep her pain quiet to soldier on for her family. I watched her die. This was in the late 80’s. Breast Cancer was pretty much a death sentence then.

It no longer has to be!

This month, I’ll Drink to That- Fountain of Juice will be spotlighting all their pink drinks. That’s right! Our whole line up of pink juices are only $7 and smoothies will be only $6. We will be sharing information on how to promote great breast health and sharing recipes that pack a mighty punch against cancer forming acid.
Stay tuned for the next blog this weekend.

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