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Meal Prep like a Boss!


I’m always asked how do I prepare for the week. I’ve thought about how to do this in writing. I think writing combined with a vlog would be best. Typically, I look in my pantry, fridge, and freezer…

Well, I just… Stop Minimizing Yourself


Stop Minimizing Yourself There’s this thing that we do and almost without a second thought. We sabotage ourselves. When we speak, in order to present ourselves as nonaggressive, humble, and safe we use weak language. The late, Maya…

Need a Revival?


Revival re·viv·al [rəˈvīvəl] NOUN an improvement in the condition or strength of something: “a revival in the fortunes of the party” · an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again: “cross-country skiing is enjoying a revival”…

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