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  1. Green light, GO

    Kale, Melon, Apple, Lemon

    The iron in green leafy vegetables increases your oxygen-carrying blood cells, thus releasing more energy. Leafy green vegetables also provide a higher nutrient to calorie ratio than any other food while supporting liver function. Your liver is the key to the body ridding itself of free radicals and toxins; this is critical to good health. Apples drive a power punch of Vitamin C and helps balance the “earthy” flavor of the greens.

  2. Alky

    Cucumber, Kale, Parsley, Celery, Apple, Spinach, Romaine, Lemon

    Dark green vegetables contain an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals essential for the cleansing functions of the kidneys and liver. Dark, leafy greens also give the system loads of water-soluble fiber to sweep toxins out. Having too much acid in your body can weaken all your systems. Greens are highly alkalizing to your cells, this contradicts the destruction caused the corrosive acidic waste products from meat, sugar, dairy and other common foods. Cucumbers contain plant lignans which bind with bacteria in the digestive tract and convert them to enterolignans for both pro and anti-estrogenic effects.

  3. Chemical Warfare

    Carrot, Celery, Green Apple, Red Apple

    Celery is a nutritional powerhouse. Celery contains pthalides; studies have shown by relaxing the arteries around the heart allowing vessels to dilate, blood pressure is lowered. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium also help regulate blood pressure.

  4. Lady in Red

    Carrot, Beet, Apple, Pineapple, Lemon

    The elevated Vitamin A content of carrots invigorates dull, tired-looking skin. Beets and lemons enhance blood oxygenation, thus enhancing the cleansing processes. Pineapples help digestion by offering potent enzymes.

  5. PING!

    Pineapple and Ginger

    Pineapple aids digestion & contains bromelain, an anti-inflammatory agent that helps fight heart disease and arthritis and contains the mineral manganese, essential to energy production and cell protection. Ginger stimulates the digestive system and is an all-around miracle food and increasing metabolic rates. Ginger also is a primer, helping the body absorb all the nutrients it is ingesting.

  6. Nutso Fast

    Sprouted Almonds, Vanilla Beans, Dates, and Filtered water

    Sprouted Almonds provide vital and required protein and minerals, such as copper, that support detoxification. Sprouting the almonds activates an enzyme that blocks the absorption of the nut fat. This is crucial, because fat slows down detoxification. A touch of dates sweetens the drink without the sugar.

The flavors above are fixed for cleanses.

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